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AlwaysOn Show is the Online Fashion Hub of TheOneMilano, aimed at providing the most innovative experience of a trade show. 

We offer inspirations, creativity and innovation through our curated selection of feminine haut-à-porter clothing and fur.

We guarantee the highest standards of manufacturing quality, originality and sustainability by presenting brands marked by craftsmanship excellence and continuous experimentation and innovation.

We are not an e-commerce but a matchmaking tool. We facilitate the encounter and interaction of buyers and exhibitors, anytime and anywhere on our efficient and user-friendly digital platform.



  • Make it Phygital: discover new interesting Brands digitally and meet them physically.

  • Experiment multiple experiences of navigation and interactions with your favorite Brands.

  • Meet our Brands through multiple touchpoints and save what you loved (Wishlist + Brand I Love).

  • Use our technology: to scout, to compare, to decide, to contact.

  • Scout through products and/or through Brands and companies.

  • Request access to the Brand's Private Room to see their whole collection.

  • Save your favorite products in a wishlist, check your selections and share it with your favorite Brands.

  • Be a step further to conclude your orders.

  • Attend to our digital events, Live events and physical events + discover our favorite selections.

  • Discover everything about our Brands: download their lookbook, browse their website and visit their social networks.

  • Discover new trends and products from our selected Exhibitors.


  • Make it Phygital and define your strategy: present your Brands online + attend our fashion trade-shows and Live events.

  • Connect with new potential Buyers through multiple touchpoints (digitally and physically).

  • Increase your visibility and brand awareness making your products public or…

  • Make your products visible just to Buyers who are certified from our Visitors Secretariat or…

  • Protect your whole collection and decide who can access your products through your personal ONE-to-ONE Private Room.

  • Invite your clients in your personal Private Room giving them the possibility to explore just through your collection (your invited clients can not browse the whole platform).

  • Receive a selection of products from your clients and from new potential ones allowed to access your Private Room.

  • Be a step further to the conclusion of your sale.

  • Describe accurately your company and your Brands through dedicated profiles.

  • Link new potential Buyers directly to your company website and to your social networks.

  • Participate in sponsored contents and Live streaming events on the AlwaysOn Live section and interact with professional Buyers from all over the world.

  • If you need any help you can rely on our service excellence and 360-degree support from our digital team.


AlwaysOn Show digital platform is a B2B matchmaking tool facilitating business and networking anytime and anywhere, in a dynamic and interactive way. 

It is structured around 3 levels of navigation and privacy: 

  • a public section that can be intercepted also by end-consumers, increasing exhibitors’ brand awareness,
  • an intermediate section accessible to buyers registered and certified by TheOneMilano, 
  • a one-to-one private showroom where buyers and exhibitors can conclude their commercial agreements.

Our digital platform is “Always On”, with 3 special curated sections:

  • AlwaysOn Live: an instrument/tool collecting/presenting all digital and physical events running all year long. Through live, webinars, digital talks and much more, we aim at directing buyers’ attention towards brands who take part in these sponsored initiatives.
  • Spotlight On: a constant selection of products and what’s new.
  • Focus On: a constantly renovating/ changing section presenting each brand on our digital platform.