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Thirst for connection.
The need for a more precise target is growing.
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In last weeks we tried to pinpoint and describe the four main pillars of digital communication, four starting points to lead us to an effective brand communication.

One of the principles we mentioned is the need to be constantly connected, especially on social media. We won’t restate how important a regular presence on social media is: everyone is aware of their pivotal role when it comes to communication.

However, when talking about digital platforms, there is something else we shouldn’t forget: to online communities, and therefore to our potential online audience, social medias have turned into a space where they can freely create bonds and share opinions, a place where they can feel themselves and openly express thoughts and ideas.

In a world where the social and political context we live in tends to create divisions, people – especially the youngest - are looking for connection. The internet gives us the chance to find it, although not in the way we used to.

Nowadays, communities are made up of small, private groups in which we can feel protected. They are a peaceful space to shield ourselves from the - sometimes harsh - public comment and judgement often found on social media. 

What does this entail for a brand? It means that redefining our target must be our number one priority. Once our main project has been set up, we need to design different sub-campaigns. Then, we will have to apply different types of communication codes and tools, depending on which small niches we have chosen to reach.

Targeting people of a wide range of age groups and diverging cultural background is not an efficient approach anymore. If a message has not been specifically designed for someone, it will be ignored.

For this reason, we have to use the same method when choosing an influencer to represent our product. Influencer marketing is a very powerful tool to promote our creations, but only if our chosen face is perfectly aligned with our desired target.

In the last weeks, we talked about the fact that important fashion brands retargeted their products through accurate influencer marketing choices. The most glaring example is Gucci: using characters close to youth culture, the brand has restructured its target group, truly relaunching and effectively repositioning itself on the market.

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