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TikTok’s latest move
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TikTok has launched a new entertainment and information initiative, #HappyAtHome, to help lighten the mood during the quarantine imposed by the spread of Covid-19.

This new feature allows users to get in touch with experts and celebrities from various industries. The platform will set up a weekly schedule: from Monday to Friday tiktokers will have the chance to talk with major international personalities, active in a number of fields: information, music, cinema, make-up, and fitness. These are just some of the topics that users will have the opportunity to explore with the guests of the platform.

They will have a direct interaction with celebrities, who will take part in the initiative by asking questions and following users’ advice on how to face this difficult period in the best way.

TikTok’s staff has explained the reasons behind this new feature on their website: “The goal is simple: share a bit of levity, provide some comfort, and embrace the responsibility we all have to do the right thing by staying inside and stopping the spread. There's a lot we can't do right now. This is one small initiative thanks to which we can all help each other during these trying times”.

A lot of stream space will be devoted to informative channels of the WHO. The goal of the project is not only to entertain people, but also to equip them with educational tools to deal the current situation.

But we also know that, besides this goal, TikTok aims at maximising profits by developing an eCommerce system, which was already being designed before the health crisis emerged.

In this regard, the time is ripe to let the commercial potential of this application flourish, by integrating new shopping features in the videos shared by users.

In order to convince users to spend money inside the app, the first step to take is, without doubt, to attract a wider and wider crowd, and to diversify the age range on the platform.

Even though the app’s primary goal for the near future is to increase user awareness on the difficult times we are going through, it’s undeniable that this is a tempting opportunity for TikTok to attract a more adult audience. With the goal of diversifying its audience in mind, the app is heavily investing in acclaimed celebrities for the #HappyAtHome programme.

Attracting celebrities’ fans will help TikTok increase its awareness also in a new target group that had rarely been intercepted by this social network.

This is a good strategy for TikTok: we’ll see if it will make the young platform grow further.