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Snapchat’s Here for You
News from the digital world during quarantine
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Many new features were introduced by digital platforms in the last weeks. Social media are trying to give an effective answer to extraordinary requests from users living in these exceptional times.

The health emergency caused by the coronavirus pandemic and the following introduction of quarantine measures in the majority of countries are forcing most of the world’s population to stay home. This is why some of the most popular social media have added new features to their platforms. Today we will talk about the latest initiative from Snapchat.

The US platform has made an early addition to its features with Here for You, in an attempt to control the widespread anguish mounting at the same pace of the infections. 

This new implementation was announced earlier in 2020, as an initiative linked to celebrations for the Safer Internet Day, the international day for the awareness of the risks related to internet use, launched by the EU in 2004.

Snapchat had announced that this feature would serve as a tangible help to users suffering from mental health conditions because of the internet. As most of the users are forced to quarantine, Snapchat decided for an early launch of the new section.

The feature will collect advice from local experts, to support users on topics such as anxiety, depression and stress. Snapchatters will be offered help on the basis of their search keywords, among which there are now also coronavirus and COVID-19. In this way, users will be directed towards content specifically addressing the issue of anxiety caused by the spread of the virus. 

Experts working on the platform have introduced the feature also to tackle the spread of disinformation about the coronavirus. A widespread dissemination of correct information is the first step against mass hysteria and the health conditions that may arise from it. 

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