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The future of shopping
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Due to the pandemic we have assisted major disruptions leading to fast and responsive strategies and accelerated courses of action in order to meet customers’ demands. These changes have become intrinsic parts of our everyday life and, in fact, many organizations had to accelerate their digital transformation trajectories in order to survive. One of the most impactful disruptions we have experienced is represented by the fusion of digital and physical experiences leading to a hybrid model: a seamless and personalized shopping experience, possible thanks to the use of data analytics technology and embedded machine learning.

Despite the distinctions between online and offline experiences are increasingly blurring, customer interactions in each domain still remain different. This reflects one of the most significant challenges that retailers encounter when building a digital customer experience: bridging the gap between the digital and physical experience. 

Facing this challenge is the future of shopping.

At AlwaysOn Show, through our Online Fashion Hub, we aim to facilitate the meeting and interaction of buyers and brands anytime and anywhere, in an omnichannel perspective trying to convey a seamless and frictionless experience for our users. 

With the section “Wall” we offer brands an incredible opportunity of personalization and expression of their creativity and concepts, while through the “Brands I Love” feature or the “Wishlist” we provide buyers with further occasions of customization.

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