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Driving retail sales and reaching new customers

Due to the pandemic, consumer shopping behavior has faced unprecedented disruptions and has radically shifted to digital. One of the major changes we have assisted to is the combination of digital and physical shopping experiences. In order to navigate through this new scenario Google has created an insightful guide for brands and retailers.

Here a summary of the main strategies:

  1. Reach customers as they browse. 

While customers browse on Discover or watch YouTube they come into contact with new brands. What is key is trying to connect with them in these spaces and inspire actions through ads or videos.

  1. Engage customers as they research.

Customers typically check products on Google before proceeding with the purchase in order to compare prices, look for sales and check out the latest reviews. Responsive search ads could be your secret weapon as you will appear as the solution customers are searching for. Do not forget to expand your brand awareness through a careful study of the audience and be distinctive from your competitors.

  1. Convert customers looking to purchase.

Customers expect to shop when they find an ad, thus you should be prepared and you have to create a frictionless and seamless shopping experience. Mind that the majority of customers are buying from a mobile device, so make sure your website is responsive. These touch points could be essential for encountering new customers!

  1. Be ready to drive sales during the holidays.

Holidays represent a momentum to leverage on. You have to show up and be visible at that time, so you should start early, be flexible and plan your stock in advance in order to deliver a premium customer experience.

This is just a glimpse of Think with Google insightful guide. Curious to learn more? Check out the full guide here:

At AlwaysOn Show we not only leverage on these suggestions but we integrate them in our strategy in order to accompany our customers on a complete and integrated customer journey. We reach new buyers with interactive ads when they browse and we direct them on the platform with interesting and relevant content. We do the same with brands: we are constantly looking for brands with excellent manufacturing tradition and product quality that recognize the power of digital. 

Do not forget to ask us for support to improve your profile on our Online Fashion Hub and to improve your opportunities of business and networking!