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How Can Small Brands Get Big Media Attention?

In the fashion media landscape small brands encounter difficulties to get media attention and to find a spot on a magazine cover. 

However, with the betterment of the pandemic, in-person gatherings and physical events could represent a vital opportunity to build relationships with editors. 

Small brands should also keep in mind that regional press is really important. In fact, it is still built around a community with the same orientation and values and it is effective in driving immediate sales.

Even if the current state of fashion media is dominated by a pay-for-play logic, there is still a lot of value in earned media which should be leveraged with consistent and relevant content.

The same situation occurs in a digital media landscape. While social media attracts everyone to jump on a platform, it is extremely difficult to retain attention and getting the most out of social media is very complicated.

At AlwaysOn Show we offer a lot of opportunities to help our exhibitors to develop and create beautiful content. We organize photo shoots both on the model and still life, we create videos, Reels and TikTok and we also offer content marketing strategies and much more to our exhibitors.