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Live shopping: trend or new purchasing habit?

During the pandemic the phenomenon of live shopping has registered a strong growth and more and more people all around the world, especially from USA and Asia, are demanding these new online shopping experiences. 

Facebook is leveraging this new trend and every Friday it will propose “Live Shopping Fridays” in order to engage both brands and customers with this new innovative purchasing experience.

Why is this new shopping habit more and more diffusing? 

According to our digital team of AlwaysOn Show, a live video represents a precious occasion of dialogue with customers that allows brands to build a solid and personalized experience.

Through live shopping not only is it possible to direct the customer's attention to certain items and therefore orient taste, but also to simulate the experience of contact that was lacking due to the respective closure of national and international stores and events during the pandemic. In this way, brands can reveal the backstage and the savoir-faire of their products and establish new and precious relationships with their clients and also with new clients. Moreover they could easily involve testimonials and personalities of the sector to present and advocate for their products or to explain their manufacturing processing, trends and inspirations, thus creating a virtuous ecosystem. For example an interesting trend is the collaboration with fashion experts that know international buyers in order to build together purchase guides and tutorials. 

During the last edition of TheOneMilano, we have proposed many digital appointments in line with these new trends. We have especially leveraged on the importance of craftsmanship and heritage of our exhibitors and we have tried to transmit their know-how through live sessions.

Do you want to know more about this new buying phenomenon? 

Check out the full article on Fashion Network,1304681.html 

If this new way of purchasing has intrigued you, contact us at We are constantly helping our exhibitors to realise videos, Reels and TikTok that will help you to forge a supreme shopping experience. Our team is always at your disposal to respond to your needs and create ad hoc content.

If you are a buyer, check out our “Pills for buyers” every Monday on our Instagram. You will find interesting suggestions!